Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Services

Swedish & Relaxation Massage
A classic massage using gentle flowing techniques to release muscle tension and improve circulation. This massage is relaxing offering light to firm pressure. 
30 minute massages….      $40

45 minute massage……      $50
60 minute massage……      $65
90 minute massage……      $85

Deep-Tissue Massage
A deeply focused massage, using a variety of techniques: myofascial,  trigger point, deep compression, active/passive stretching, muscle stripping to release and relax chronic muscle tension. 
60 minute massage……      $75
90 minute massage……      $100

Therapeutic & Medical Massage
A doctors referral is required for this massage. An assessment, plan and follow up with your doctor is offered. A deeply therapeutic massage, using a variety of techniques: myofascial, trigger point, deep compression, active/passive stretching, muscle stripping to release and relax chronic muscle tension. Therapist treatment notes and billing invoice is provided. A medical bill is offered for patient to submit to insurance. Most insurances do not cover massage therapy, check with your insurance provider for more information. Many patients use “Therapeutic & Medical Massage” towards deductible or health savings plans.
60 minute massage……      $78

Hot Stone 60 minute massage……      $80
Hot Stone 90 minute massage……     $100
Couple massage 60 minute…….          $140
Couples massage 90 minute…….        $190
Pregnancy Massage 60/90 mins… $70/90

Missed Appointment Fee -$25 
If we do not hear from you and you did not make your scheduled appointment, it is considered a Missed Appointment. Your time is very valuable to us and we know how valuable your time is to you. You will be charged a Missed Appointment Fee, which must be paid in full before your next scheduled appointment. Thank you.

Massage Therapy Sessions A Swedish massage targets specific areas of the body to relieve tight muscles, stress or tension. Each session is designed to meet your needs to enhance relaxation and stress relief. Massage improves circulation, encourages relaxation and creates a sense of serenity.

imagesHot Stone Massage The ancient art of healing using hot basalt stones brings deep relief to tense muscles and sore joints. Hot stones are placed on the body to help relax tight muscles and reduce tension. An incredible relaxing experience in the cold winter months.

Couples Massage at any time of the year, together in a private treatment room is available.

Massage Therapy for Pregnancy A massage session specifically for women in the childbearing year. Using pillows and comfortable positions this massage can relieve low back, neck and overall body tension. Many women have their first massage during, pre or post pregnancy. Call if you have any questions.

Massage Therapy Off-Site Massage Therapy in the comfort of your home, hotel, bed & breakfast, or vacation home. A massage therapist will come to your location, this is a wonderful idea for couples, bridal parties, anniversaries, or special events. Calling in advance for larger groups is appreciated.

60 minutes      $100 per person
90 minutes      $125 per person

Call Kathleen 315-376-2256 for details to set up your event, retreat or special occasion. For larger groups 3+ persons, each massage is $80 per person for one hour sessions.

Call (315) 376-2256 for more information.