About Us

OPEN SKY Healing Arts Center’s mission is to create a community for healthy living choices.

Our Goal: To provide holistic therapies for relaxation and pain management to meet client’s healthcare and wellness needs.

kathI have been doing massage since 2001. I am at my best when gathering talented and inspiring people around me. OPEN SKY Healing Arts Center is the place where you walk in and you are transformed to a place of relaxation, slower pace, quietness, beautiful treatment rooms and soft music.

The stars and moon have always been important symbols for me. Ever since I was a child and continuing today, I love the feeling of gazing up. It gives me a free feeling that life is bigger than any one moment. Gazing at the moon and its cycles brings me an inner calm; everything in life is in a cycle – life, relationships, good times and challenging times. Gazing up keeps me in balance. It gives me the belief that I am a part of something bigger, a bigger spirit that connects all of us.

-Kathleen Merrick, Owner of OPEN SKY
Photo with her husband, Charlie Merrick taken in 2013 when OPEN SKY moved into its new location. A beautiful commercial space with great parking, easy walk in, and six treatment rooms. OPEN SKY does about 75 massages per week, we have the most talented and professional massage therapist in the North Country. Many of our clients say we are “world class” and they receive the best massages here.